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Dental care fun: watch videos & interactive dental health care games online. No comments yet

Make learning about dental care fun for your children so that trips to your family dentist will go much more smoothly. Here’s how.

Recently, we shared a number of dental health care resources for your family, including coloring projects, games and other activities. Today, you’ll discover another terrific web site for your family that features interactive family fun: the National Museum of Dentistry . Go to the site, click on the “Let’s Go” button (available in English or Spanish) and then you can let the fun begin!

A cute character named Mouthie - who looks like teeth and gums - guides you through dental care info through a series of games and challenges.

At the start of the game, you will be assigned a game code. If you decide to stop playing the game for a while, you can pick up where you left off by entering the game code. Mouthie then guides you and your children through his laboratory, where children who learn something important about dental care receive a tooth. Win all the teeth in the lab and be awarded a certificate of achievement.

Learn about the negative effects tobacco has on a person’s overall dental health care, and then you get to create a fun anti-smoking poster.

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Dental care resources help you make educated dental health care decisions. 2 comments

Dental care resources: find the information you need to make educated dental health care decisions - for yourself and for your family.

Use this information to find out more about what helps keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy - and to discover ways to share the news about dental services with people of all ages in your family. Here goes!

  1. The quality of dental care products that you choose can make a big difference in the oral health of your entire family

    . To help you with your shopping list, here’s a list of more than 400 dental health care products with the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. These products include “toothpaste , dental floss , manual and electric toothbrushes , mouth rinse and chewing gum.”

  2. Find fun ways to share dental care tips with your children.

    One of the easiest ways is to print out dental pictures that your children can color. Use this coloring time as a way to talk about dental health without being pushy or too obvious about your goal. This will also be a great time to chat about an upcoming family dentist visit and what dental services your child should expect. Coloring pages can be found in many places online, including:
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Tooth whitening: talk to your dental care professional now for your options. No comments yet

You have more than one option for tooth whitening at DentalWorks. No matter which you choose, here are the benefits of having a dental care professional whiten your teeth.

We blogged about Zoom teeth whitening and how this process can significantly whiten your teeth . As a follow up to that post, here is more info on the importance of partnering with a dental health care professional when whitening your teeth, whether you choose Zoom teeth whitening or another whitening process.
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Tooth colored fillings: talk to a family dentist about dental care options. No comments yet

For a blend of general dental care and cosmetic dentistry, talk to your dentist about tooth colored fillings.

If, after an examination and cleaning, your dentist recommends fillings to prevent further tooth decay (fillings are placed in teeth to ‘fill the hole’ created by decay), ask him or her about natural colored fillings. These fillings are crafted from composition resins and, because they match natural teeth in color and texture, they are much less noticeable than traditional fillings - and can even improve the appearance of your smile.

Your dental care professional may advise traditional fillings, rather than tooth colored ones, for back teeth.

Tooth colored fillings may be right for your children’s teeth as well as adult teeth.

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Dental care payment/financing info, plus dental health care insurance info. No comments yet

At DentalWorks, we believe that you should not have to choose between the dental care you want and need, and the dental health care that you can afford.

Because of this core belief, we:
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Dental sealants: find out how they’re an important option in dental care. No comments yet

What are dental sealants and how do they contribute to overall dental health care?

This is a great question, one that is often asked by parents wishing to provide their children with the best dental care possible. Dental sealants are applied to the back teeth of children, their molars and premolars, shortly after the teeth come in. This material is “painted on” and it protects teeth from bacteria that can cause decay, which leads to cavities.

Here is another question we’re often asked: how complicated is it to apply dental sealants?

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Dental makeover time - time for Mom to treat herself to cosmetic dentistry! No comments yet

What about a dental makeover for the person who is usually busy taking care of everyone else?

Attention, moms! Your life is hectic. We know that.

As a matter of fact, in 2005, Edelman Financial Services calculated that moms take on so many “jobs” that their salary would be more than $707,000 if they were paid for the countless tasks they perform to keep their children happy and healthy and their home life running smoothly.

It’s important, though, for moms to take a break every now and then. Did you know that you can get a dental makeover from cosmetic dentistry specialists located right in your family dentist office at DentalWorks?
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Choose DentalWorks for all of your dental health care wants and needs today. No comments yet

If you need a family dentist or are ready to switch to a new one, or you’ve recently moved and need a new hometown dentist, here are 5 important reasons why DentalWorks should be your dental care provider:

  1. We provide family dentistry services to people and smiles of all ages. So, no matter your age, we can provide the dental health care services you want and need.
  2. You shouldn’t have to choose between the care you need and the care that you can afford. That’s why we maintain reasonable prices and offer several payment and financing options. We can even help you determine which one is best for your budget.
  3. You’ll find a wide range of dental services, from
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Dental implants can anchor dentures or partial dentures without any slippage. No comments yet

If you’re suffering from tooth loss from gum disease or an accident, consider dentures or partial dentures with dental implants.

You may be a good candidate for dentures with dental implants - and, with implants, you won’t need to worry about using messy dental adhesives or slippage. You simply snap your dentures or partials into place and you’re ready to enjoy the day.

You may be wondering why dental implants eliminate the need for dental adhesives.

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Tooth sensitivity repairs: dental care tips that will help reduce tooth pain. No comments yet

If you have sensitive teeth, you can use these dental care techniques to reduce the sensitivity.

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth sensitivity issues, usually in response to hot or cold, or to sour or sweet foods. To prevent this from happening or to reduce the sharp painful sensation associated with tooth sensitivity:
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